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06 October, 2020

Burnet Institute viral hepatitis programs and point of care diagnostic development have featured in a special promotional video to showcase Victorian expertise in clinical trials and biomedical research to United States (US) and Canadian organisations and investors.

Shown at the Maryland Bio Innovation Conference in the US, the video was commissioned by Global Victoria, a State Government initiative to promote Victoria’s world-class industry capabilities to international audiences.

The video promoted The Alfred Research Alliance and its members, including Burnet and 360Biolabs, as ‘global game changers’ at the forefront of innovation during a period of uncertainty.

Associate Professor David Anderson highlighted Burnet’s development of point-of-care diagnostics – designed to take close to laboratory-grade clinical medicine to the field in remote and resource-poor countries – to address the coronavirus pandemic.

“Our technology is particularly applicable to measuring antibodies as a marker of recent or past infection with COVID-19,” Associate Professor Anderson, Burnet Deputy Director and Global Diagnostics Group Head, said.

“It’s building on work we’ve done for the last several years on how to measure antibody more specifically as a marker of recent infection, and the kind of antibody we target – dimeric IgA – is showing much better performance.

“In that program, funded by the Victorian State Government, we’ve been able to reduce our normal development pathway, which would take a couple of years, to just a few months.”

Burnet Deputy Program Director, Disease Elimination and Co-Head of Viral Hepatitis Elimination, Associate Professor Joseph Doyle, explained the PharmEC Reach project to assess the effectiveness of nurse-led testing and treatment for hepatitis C in community pharmacies for people on opiate substitution therapy with a history of injecting drug use.

“These are people who turn up every day and they are obviously engaged in pharmacy care, but these are sometimes patients who are historically very tricky historically to get into hospitals to get treated,” Associate Professor Doyle said.

“We are really trying to show that you can deliver care outside the traditional models to get more people cured, taking care literally in mobile vans to engage people who have traditionally been harder to reach.”

Executive Director of 360Biolabs, Angela Luttick, told of her organisation’s expertise with Phase I clinical trials for new and innovative drugs and vaccines, and support for Novavax’s COVID-19 clinical trials which started in March this year.

The video – and more information about Victoria’s presence at the Maryland Bio Innovation Conference – can be found at You can find out more about Global Victoria at

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