Burnet Chair calls for radical reform of research funding

Burnet Institute

23 May, 2012

Board Chair Mr Alastair Lucas AM urged the current and future Federal and State Governments to increase funding support to medical research.

“Overhead funding is never enough to pay the full overheads. So medical research becomes dependent upon donations income for survival,” Mr Lucas said.

“Burnet and other medical research institute’s would provide a better service to our nation if government overhead funding covered the full cost of institute overheads.

“And donations could be used more creatively to seed-fund new research or to allow researchers to explore avenues in their research not encompassed by competitive government grants.”

Institute Director and CEO, Professor Brendan Crabb acknowledged that funding for medical research has not kept pace with infrastructure costs, putting enormous financial pressure on independent medical research institutes.

“Despite these considerable pressures Burnet continues to make a positive impact on people’s lives in Australia and in the region,” he said.

“Our impact is immediate through public health policy and discovery orientated research.”

Professor Crabb said Australia needs to invest heavily in the research sector if significant life-saving discoveries are to be achieved.

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