New study simulates time course of HIV

Burnet Institute

18 September, 2019

Image: Burnet Institute Head of Infectious Disease Modelling, Professor David Wilson

Burnet Institute research simulating the natural course of HV infection has been selected as the Editor’s Choice in the latest issue of FEMS Pathogens and Disease, published by Oxford Academic.

The Editor’s Choice is the article in each edition of the journal that best describes a significant advance in the field.

The study by Dr Janka Petravic and Professor David Wilson is the first to simulate the entire natural time course of HIV and infected cells.

“Many people have used modelling to understand the viral dynamics of HIV in vivo, particularly in the early stage of infection,” Professor Wilson said.

“But no one has been able to recreate a simple mechanistic simulation of the entire natural time course of HIV and infected cells, all the way from acute stage through the chronic phase and also late-stage AIDS.

“In this paper, we do this for the first time, demonstrating that it is possible if there is a progressively declining viral clearance rate.

“That’s something which we think is intuitive, but the dots were not previously connected in the field’s standard viral dynamic equations.”

The study was conceived by Dr Petravic, who also conducted the analysis.

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