Alfred Health Week highlights breadth of Burnet’s research

Burnet Institute

19 June, 2019

Burnet's Caitlin Douglass with her poster on Alcohol-Related Harms and Risky Drinking Among Young People in Victoria

Burnet researchers have featured prominently among research posters displayed in public areas at The Alfred, as part of Alfred Health Week.

The Burnet posters feature topics including infectious diseases, immunity, and drug and alcohol research.

Burnet Young People’s Health Group researcher, Caitlin Douglass, featured research on Alcohol-Related Harms and Risky Drinking among Young People in Victoria.

Presenting data from the Sex, Drugs and Rock‘n’Roll (SDRR) survey of Victorians aged 15-29 years, Ms Douglass’ poster shows some of the negative behaviours most commonly associated with high alcohol consumption levels.

Ms Douglass said the survey asked participants if they had experienced any of a range of common ‘harms’ associated with alcohol consumption, such as not being able to remember the night or missing work.

“There were quite a few SDRR participants who had experienced quite a broad range of harms. Particularly the ‘unwanted sexual activity’ response – that was a lot higher than I expected,” she said.

Ms Douglass said these findings would allow harm-reduction campaigns to develop more effective messages.

“Tying some of the things here that people are experiencing and can relate to will be useful for minimising harms and preventing harmful alcohol consumption campaigns,” she said.

View poster here.

Other Burnet poster topics include:

  • Stunting as an (in)accurate measure of health and nutrition outcomes
  • Integrating hepatitis C care within the community mental health and alcohol & other drug services
  • A nurse-led, community-based, model of hepatitis C care in Melbourne
  • NK cell-mediated killing of HIV-infected macrophages
  • Prevalence and dynamics of Mycoplasma and Ureaplasma spp. in pregnancy and postpartum in a cohort of women in Papua New Guinea
  • Investigation of compensation and spillover spreading error matrices under different setup conditions.

More than 150 research posters are on display, spanning topics from asthma to cardiac surgery, and from communicable diseases to nursing. The posters were selected from the many hundreds of projects carried out in the past year by Alfred Research Alliance members.

The Alfred Research Alliance is a collaborative alliance which includes Alfred Health, Monash University, Baker Heart & Diabetes Institute, Burnet Institute, Deakin University and La Trobe University.

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