PC3 laboratory now open!

Burnet Institute

25 March, 2019

Burnet Institute has opened a new Physical Containment Level 3 (PC3) laboratory in the Alfred Centre building, 99 Commercial Road, Melbourne. It features:

  • High levels of biosecurity
  • Allows researchers to work with hazardous biological samples safely
  • Will help researchers better understand hepatitis, HIV and malaria, as well as new viruses from animals.

The new laboratory incorporates a host of features, designed to comply with Australian strict biosecurity regulations to minimise risk to researchers and the community.

“The PC3 lab operates under negative pressure,” Laboratory Operations Manager, Dr David Harrison said.

“This ensures any leaks from the lab are not released inso the wider community. Anything coming out of the lab - other than the researchers - must be fully decontaminated, either chemically or by an autoclave.”

Researchers must adhere to strict personal protective equipment (PPE) requirements, and must undergo rigorous training before being able to work in the lab.

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