A conversation on breastfeeding

Burnet Institute

14 January, 2019

Image: Burnet Institute Senior Research Fellow, Dr Alyce Wilson

Starting a conversation about breastfeeding is what Burnet Institute Maternal and Child Health researchers Dr Alyce Wilson and Professor Caroline Homer have sought to do in the latest edition of The Conversation.

They’re co-authors with Lisa Amir, Associate Professor in Breastfeeding Research at La Trobe University, of a guide to make breastfeeding easier.

“More than 90 percent of Australian women start breastfeeding soon after the birth of their baby, but only 15 percent are exclusively breastfeeding at six months, despite national and international recommendations,” the authors note.

The authors nominate five things mums can do to make breastfeeding simpler, starting with good communication and the importance of talking to your partner and family about your desire to breastfeed.

The list includes the importance of being practical, and of following a healthy diet.

They offer advice on foods that are best for both mother and child, and the need to set realistic goals.

The final point relates to the rights of the mother to breastfeed anywhere, any time.

“Australian federal and local laws explicitly state women are legally supported to breastfeed or express milk in public.

“You wouldn’t expect someone to eat their lunch in the toilet, so why should your baby? We can all help to make our communities breastfeeding friendly.”

For the full story, visit The Conversation.

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