RTI International visits Burnet

Burnet Institute

01 March, 2012

Liz Hill and Associate Professor David Anderson.

In a recent presentation at Burnet Institute, Liz Hill, the Global Health Collaborative Leader for Research Triangle Institute (RTI) International outlined a number of reasons and examples of how the two institutes could collaborate successfully.

Ms Hill opened by presenting Burnet Deputy-Director and Head of Business Development, Innovation and Research Associate Professor David Anderson with an RTI International teddy bear, “representative of the warm and fuzzy feeling the two institutes have for each other”.

Ms Hill is visiting the Institute for two weeks to explore collaborations between RTI International and Burnet to increase the breadth and scope of what the two organisations want to achieve.

“We think we can do great things together that we can’t do separately, let’s look at what needs to be done and if we can do something working together we should,” Ms Hill said.

“Our Institutes are very similar, we’re both not-for-profit and importantly both turn knowledge into practise to improve the human condition.”

RTI International proudly lists a huge number of achievements since it was founded in 1958, including two commonly used cancer drugs, cochlear implants, survey technology, wind shear avoidance technology used in aviation, neglected tropical diseases and advancements in malaria, TB and HIV research.

Ms Hill will spend the remaining time at Burnet meeting with staff to see whether there were opportunities for collaborations with RTI International in the future.

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