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Use of a flavivirus RNA-dependent RNA polymerase assay to investigate the antiviral activity of selected compounds.

Bartholomeusz A, Tomlinson E, Wright PJ, Birch C, Locarnini S, Weigold H, Marcuccio S, Holan G

  • Journal Antiviral research

  • Published 12 Jan 1995

  • Volume 24

  • ISSUE 4

  • Pagination 341-50

  • DOI 10.1016/0166-3542(94)90080-9


We have developed an assay using flavivirus RNA-dependent RNA polymerase to test the inhibitory activity of potential antiviral agents. The effects of antiviral agents on RNA synthesis were examined in this assay using extracts of Vero cells infected with dengue virus type 2 or Kunjin virus. Several different classes of known polymerase inhibitors were tested. The synthesis of double-stranded replicative form RNA was inhibited in a dose-dependent fashion in the presence of the polyoxometalate HPA-23 [(NH4)18(NaW21Sb9O86)17].14 H2O and several structurally related compounds.