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Quantification of hepatitis C virus in human liver and serum samples by using LightCycler reverse transcriptase PCR.

White PA, Pan Y, Freeman AJ, Marinos G, Ffrench RA, Lloyd AR, Rawlinson WD

  • Journal Journal of clinical microbiology

  • Published 06 Feb 2003

  • Volume 40

  • ISSUE 11

  • Pagination 4346-8

  • DOI 10.1128/JCM.40.11.4346-4348.2002


A highly sensitive, non-probe-based, real-time quantitative reverse transcriptase PCR was developed for viral load measurements in both serum and liver samples from patients with hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection. With synthetic RNA, the linearity of the approach was conserved over a wide range of HCV copy numbers. There was a strong correlation between hepatic and serum viral load measurements (r = 0.689, P = 0.004, n = 15), indicating that the level of viremia reflected the amount of virus present in the liver.