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Non-canonical peptides bound to MHC.

Day SL, Ramsland PA, Apostolopoulos V

  • Journal Current pharmaceutical design

  • Published 05 Jan 2010

  • Volume 15

  • ISSUE 28

  • Pagination 3274-82

  • DOI 10.2174/138161209789105090


Central to the initiation of a T cell dependent immune response is the recognition of major histocompatibility complex (MHC) class I or class II molecules (in humans termed HLA and in mice termed H-2) bound to antigenic peptide. T cell receptors (TCR) have programmed specificity for particular peptide/MHC complexes, which ensures focused immune responses are generated against the antigen source. To design effective peptide based vaccines a comprehensive understanding of the specific interactions between MHC molecules and peptide, and of TCR recognition of MHC/peptide is valuable. We place particular emphasis on non-canonical bound peptides and their use in immunotherapy studies.