Postdoctoral Fellowships

Burnet offers postdoctoral training in a variety of laboratories where students who have recently graduated with their PhD can build their research skills and credentials.

Share the corridors and laboratories at Burnet, mixing with the brightest and most innovative scientific minds.

Things to consider:

  • Placements are offered to Australian and international candidates with relevant laboratory experience, who have secured funding through either the NHMRC or other funding bodies.

  • Funded postdoctoral positions are advertised on our Careers and Employment page.

  • Burnet also welcomes enquiries from researchers interested in undertaking research at the Institute.

  • If you have identified a Burnet research group of interest, you should contact the laboratory head directly to discuss research ideas and potential funding opportunities.

We provide a supportive postdoctoral training environment with some of the world’s leading scientists working on cutting edge fundamental and translational research programs.

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