Technology that Saves Lives Appeal

Help us test at-risk babies for HIV in Myanmar and PNG using this small machine to save precious lives.

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Help us test young children for HIV and save lives

HIV is not over.

It still deeply affects the lives of millions of people all over the world.

Every day babies born to HIV-positive mothers in resource-poor communities face many difficult challenges of living with HIV, without the life-saving treatment and support we expect in Australia. Tragically, many die young.

More than 400 children each day become infected with HIV, mainly through birth or during breastfeeding. Less than half will be tested early. Without a test, no treatment begins. Without life-saving treatment, most of these children will die before their 5th birthday.

HIV is treatable. But in many communities it can take up to six months to get a test result. During that time, many vulnerable children will be lost in the follow up … inevitably, many will not survive.

What can we do?

Please help support Burnet’s Technology that Saves Lives Appeal so our HIV researchers can trial a revolutionary technology in Myanmar and Papua New Guinea (PNG) to bring HIV testing closer to at-risk babies.

The GeneXpert machine is small, compact and has an important life-saving feature: it delivers a diagnosis in just 90 minutes!

We hope to test 390 babies across six hospitals in Myanmar and PNG using this machine to fully assess its potential - but need your help. The results are vital to help us determine if this machine can become an effective diagnostic tool to save young lives.

How can I help?

$20 will help us with testing of babies at risk of HIV using the GeneXpert machine.

$50 will help us gather critical feedback from local health workers about how to further improve HIV testing.

$250 will help us analyse the research findings so we can recommend life-saving changes.

In Australia, treatment and specialist care is available to HIV-affected children and their mothers. Heather was diagnosed with HIV more than 20 years ago and was given just five years to live. She survived thanks to new treatments becoming available, specialist care, and sheer courage and determination.

Her three boys were tested for HIV several times soon after birth. Fortunately, all three are perfectly healthy and HIV-negative.

But as we know, Heather’s story and that of her children is not the same outcome for most babies born to HIV-positive mothers in resource-poor parts of the world. Can you help change this? Please give today.

HIV is treatable. But without a test there can be no treatment, and death is inevitable. Very simple interventions like the GeneXpert machine can make a huge difference and save lives. Please give today.

Professor Brendan Crabb AC, Burnet Director and CEO

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Help us test young children for HIV and save lives