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Your gift could help Burnet’s cancer scientists discover new treatments to save lives.

Irene and Burnet’s cancer scientists, Professor Mark Hogarth, Dr Paul Ramsland and Dr Raffi Gugasyan are pioneering research into how we can arm the immune system against the devastating disease.

Although they have achieved important breakthroughs, their funding from research grants has declined and now they need our support.

Can you help them take the next step?

Without your support their cutting-edge research into new forms of cancer treatment may end – a major setback for patients desperately hoping for the next life-saving treatment.

We need your help to raise $250,000 to keep our cancer scientists’ dreams alive in these difficult times.

Your gift will be transformational

One in 100,000 cancer patients experience ‘spontaneous remissions’ when their immune system fights back and kills tumours.

But how does this happen? And most importantly, can we replicate this potentially life-saving reaction with new forms of treatment?

There is only one way to find out - by investing in basic scientific research.

Ultimately, it is basic research that leads to medical breakthroughs. It’s a long journey to discovery, it’s a testing journey, but it’s the only journey to creating a world where there is less suffering.

It’s a journey that you can help make happen by making a gift to this Appeal.

Your gift will have a very tangible impact:

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