The world’s biggest killer is making a comeback. We need your help to STOP this global epidemic.

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One child is dying every 5 minutes. TB is preventable and curable and should never take the life of a child.

Baby Stan suddenly stopped gaining weight. His tiny neck became swollen and grew bigger and bigger. Doctors took one look and admitted him immediately. His chest x-ray suggested the worst…TB.

Stan needed a test for TB. But most children are just too little to cough up enough phlegm for a test. The only remaining option involves inserting a tube down their nose and into their stomach to remove a sample.

It takes too long to get results, sometimes up to a month. While they wait, they get sicker and sicker.

We need better diagnostics. That’s exactly what we’re doing. And this is why we need your help.

We need you to help us purchase a special machine that will quickly diagnose children like Stan in Timor-Leste. It’s called a GeneXpert. It costs $65,000 to buy the machine and train local staff… and it gives a result in less than two hours!

The more children we can properly diagnose, the more lives we can save.