Doctor Megan SC Lim

Head of Sexual Health and Young People Research; Preventive Health Research Fellow


Megan is a Senior Research Fellow and Head of Sexual Health and Young People Research at the Burnet Institute Centre for Population Health. Her primary area of expertise is investigating the role of new communications technologies in public health. She has conducted extensive research into how these technologies (e.g. mobile phones, smartphone apps, and social networking sites) can be used for health promotion, as well as how these media can expose young people to health risks. Her work targets young people in Australia and developing countries, particularly in sexual health and alcohol.

Megan completed her PhD in 2008, with a thesis titled ‘Sex, Drugs, and Young People: Novel Research and Health Promotion Approaches’. She was then awarded an NHMRC Sidney Sax Fellowship to complete her postdoctoral research in infectious disease epidemiology at the University College London Research Department of Infection and Population Health.

In addition to her mHealth research, Megan works on a range of projects including surveillance of sexually transmitted infections and HIV, health promotion, and monitoring and evaluation. She has conducted research into tuberculosis and HIV mortality, prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV, viral hepatitis, influenza, sexual and reproductive health, and alcohol and other drug use. Since 2005, she has managed the Big Day Out Sex, Drugs and Rock ’n’ Roll study.


  • Adjunct Senior Research Fellow, Department of Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine, Monash University
  • Burnet Institute Honours program co-ordinator


  • 2008: PhD, Monash University, Victoria, Australia
  • 2003: Bachelor of Biomedical Science (Hons), Monash University, Australia

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