Health Programs

Linking our expertise across interdisciplinary health programs to achieve better health for vulnerable communities in Australia and internationally

Technical Health Themes

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    Alcohol, Other Drugs and Harm Reduction

    The focus on risky behaviours associated with drug and alcohol misuse aims at developing community-level education and preventative public health programs.

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    Immunity, Vaccines and Immunisation

    Developing vaccines for preventing major infectious diseases such as HIV, influenza and malaria requires an understanding of the way the immune system functions in health and disease.

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    Infectious Diseases

    We have expertise in specific infectious diseases of global health significance – HIV, malaria, tuberculosis, hepatitis viruses, influenza, and emerging infectious diseases.

Population Health Themes

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    Maternal and Child Health

    Working with communities we are improving access to health care services such as family planning, postnatal and newborn care, vaccinations, management of childhood illnesses and nutrition.

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    Sexual and Reproductive Health

    An important global issue, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), including HIV, impacts on the health of all communities and is often related to alcohol and drug misuse behaviours.

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    Young People's Health

    Our research focuses on the health issues arising from risky behaviours by young people such as alcohol and drug use, as well as STIs and mental disorders.