Centre for International Health

We respond to the complex issues surrounding major health problems in developing countries through innovation, inquiry and influence.

We respond to health problems in developing countries through the provision of technical advice and support, organisational capacity-building, applied research, policy analysis and development, and training and education programs.

Our expertise spans HIV prevention and care, women’s and children’s health, sexual and reproductive health, drug use, primary health care, strengthening national health systems, and education across these fields. Innovation, inquiry and influence underpins our public health approach.

Working closely with communities, civil society organisations, governments, international non-government organisations and UN agencies, we can respond effectively to local health issues.

A broad approach is taken to community health development, addressing social, cultural and economic determinants of health and vulnerability, and the strengthening of health systems to better deliver curative and preventive services. In a number of countries, the focus is on working with vulnerable young people and in reducing the harms associated with drug and alcohol use, including injecting drug use.

An experienced team of public health experts are based either at our Australian headquarters in Melbourne or in overseas offices in Papua New Guinea, Lao PDR, Myanmar and China (including Tibet).

The Centre for International Health is affiliated with Monash University and the University of Melbourne, and provides teaching in international public health at both under-graduate and post-graduate level.

Through the Centre for International Health, the Burnet Institute has full accreditation with DFAT as a development non-government organisation.

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Sieyin Phung

Administration Manager - Centre for International Health



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